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Wednesday, July 21, 2004
  I know it's been a while since I've posted. Let me try to get you up to date. My ex is out of jail but so far hasn't made any effort ot harass me. The manager guy is sort of not talking to me because I ended our little fling, but I'm trying to encourage him to go back to his wife from whom he was separated even though I feel deeply used because of him and his lying about being divorced. The teacher guy is away on vacation, I think Orlando or something. I miss him so much I want to cry. New guy at work is sort of cute and a year older, but I'm not interested in him. I am not really interested in anyone except my teacher guy. I found a blog that's about a cartoon, and guess what her name is? Yep, Lola! What a small world. And I guess there's something of a theme happening with my name since she too developes a crush on a teacher. Seriously, it's sort of freaky like that. The drawings look a, but I sort of like it, in a weird way. I think the address is and if it isn't, then whoops! I wonder if the author reads my blogs...maybe that's where he or she got his or her inspiration! ha, I doubt it though, this blog isn't visited very often.  I should comment that she or he should use a darker pen or a marker or something and try to stick with the measurements, but I'm guessing it's probably some kid. no offense if it isnt! I just mean it's sort of charming in the sense that it's sort of not perfect. Why am I rationalizing? I'll bet they aren't reading this anyway. I have to go. I'm hungry. Oh I miss him so much so much so much. Bye everybody!
Her name was Lola, she was a school girl...

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