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Friday, June 18, 2004
  So now it is over between the manager man and I. I ended it after he tried to make me have sex with him. He's been so patient I guess I shouldn't be complaining but though I understand he must have been getting frustrated, there is no excuse. I told him shortly after that he should just consider getting back together with his wife. I am not the one to be blamed for their not getting back together, and I certainly do not wish to get raped. Teacher guy and I haven't seen eachother since about may 18th or something like that, but we've been talking online. Lately it's been getting very interesting and quite provacative. Very sexual, in fact. Why does it seem so much easier to type emberassing thoughts and desired online than to tell that person face to face? In anycase, I'm a bit bummed because I haven't gotten an email from him today. I worry that maybe I might have said too much and maybe frightened him off with my perverted thoughts, or else maybe he's having second thoughts about this whole thing. Oop, here's the response...nevermind. I always start thinking like that whenever it takes so long for him to respond. Oh well. I miss him. Bye bye for now...I have to go meet Christine and Angela for a movie tonight or soemthing. 
Thursday, June 03, 2004
  Well, I did it. I told my teacher guy about the manager guy. Just to bring you up to date, No, I haven't slept with him. He's been patient and all, but he sort of is getting anxious, as for the teacher? We talk a lot now. Also, it turns out that the manager's wife did leave him, but they aren't divorced yet. And she might want to come back. That's sort of why I told the teacher guy. he was concerned and I confessed that I really don't like this guy all that much. I came upon that conclusion about a month ago, but I put it in the back of my head because I was having too much fun with getting pleasured. But now with the reality of a wife who might return, I have forced myself to evaluate the situation. Teacher guy asked me if I was okay with the manager guy still being married, and I honestly could not say that I was. He suggested that maybe I think about it, though he also said that maybe it wasn't good if I didn't feel I liked the guy all that much. Then he said something to the effect of "uh, you still like guys though, right?" And I said "of course I do... very much so." and he said "well, as the representative of the male gender, I am pleased to hear that." and I said "Representative, eh?" and he said "yes, I was promoted!" but yes, I love that man. I do. I thought about it while he went to make some copies of the final exam for his class the next day, and when he came back I said "I think I'll end it with him. I feel too guilty knowing he's married still, especially now since the re;ationship between them might be fixed. I don't want to be the one to stop that. Besides, I didn't like him all that much anyway." and he said "good for you!" and maybe he would have taken that opportunity to maybe flirt further or maybe even ask me out, (I got that feeling, plus he was really really close to me, I could actually feel his breath on my cheek! Giggle!) but then the maintenence man came in and the moment was over. The rest of the visit was light hearted joking and discussion. Another hug before I left though. I don't know if I'll get to see him at all over the summer, since he lives semi-far. I hope I will though, I really really do. He lights up my day. All for now, I have to call Christy and guid her through her crisis with steve and his masturbation habits (since when am I dr Drew? oh well, it's okay.) bye bye! 
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