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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
  Well, once again, sorry for not keeping up with this damn thing. Seems to me that I haven't had the time. Still incredibly in love with my teacher guy, and I think we're really getting close, though it's still purely platonic.. :( but yeah. manager man, for those who have yet to hear, is on his way out. He's going to another job. I will miss him greatly, and am considering finally sleeping with him on his last night with our company. Sort of a "going away present" of sorts. Not just anyone can get those from me. So anyway, I had this dream last night about my ex...he got out of jail and tried to hunt me down in the forest, but then Hugh Grant showed up, stuttered with his adorable accent, and then my ex was gone. Never said these dreams were deep or even very intellegent sounding. So yes. Last night I saw my teacher guy at Chilies. I was with a few of my friends, and while they were talking, I excused myself and walked over to him to say a quick hello. He was with his brother at the bar portion and he was having a beer. I could tell that he wasn't drunk and so I didn't feel awkward about any of it. his brother is nice, but waaaay to serious. He treats my guy like he's a little kid who is always joking around. Oh well, no matter. My quick hello became an hour long discussion. It was so nice just being around him, hearing him talk about things in his life and making jokes and stuff. When I got back to my table, however, I got teased like crazy by my friends, but all was well. ALl for tonight. Luv ya! 
Her name was Lola, she was a school girl...

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