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Wednesday, March 17, 2004
  Again, posting to let you know I am alive. Not too much has happened, except that my manager and I...well, he almost got me to have sex with him one night. I mean, he actually prodded me with it and I almost let him stick it in. I've been SO horny lately. But I stopped him. I couldn't let him. I don't know why. I think I'm too hung up on my sweet little teacher guy. He's been going through some tough shit at work, but he's always in good spirits. Last night I dreamed of him. THat's the real reason I'm here now, blogging away. So basically, we were at school, but it was different. It was like a school you store in your schema when you read a story that requires a school. Anyway, we were discussing Camus or something when all of a sudden, the room was darker. It was raining outside the window. The room we were in resembled a tower and we were at the top, secluded from the rest of the school. He got really close to me and, I swear to god, I felt his breath. I know that sounds all "porno story" but it was true. I have never felt that much in a dream before. Anyway, we had fallen silent and all you could hear was breathing that must have been ours. There was no music. Just us. He rested his hand on the small of my back and the other one was on the back of my head. My own hands were resting on his chest. I made a funny, yet awkward, statement, which is what I would have done in life, and he just smiled at me. He leaned in and I closed my eyes and he kissed me. He leans me back onto this desk, which is, for whatever reason, made of stone, and we are basically pawing at eachother. His hand is on my breast and mine found it's way down his pants. He did to me what my manager likes to do; he had his mouth on my breasts and... I kid you not, I swear it felt real.. anyway, next thing I know, we're having sex. Full out steamy sex. I mean like hair pulling, back scratching, loud moaning, fantastic orgasmic sex. I swear, it all felt so damn real! I had never dreamt that vividly, with touch and stuff, before. We were lying there and I was going to get up and compose myself, but he more or less held me down nest to him. Not forcefully. More like, well, lovingly. As if he was araid to let me go. He told me that he wished he could keep me with him. Last thing I remember I was looking straight into those devastatingly beautiful eyes and we just stared at eachother. Then the phone rang. Thanks, Christy. Thanks a lot. I got to see him today, just for a little bit. Funny thing was, he had gotten all scratched up by his cat last night while he was trying to sleep. I didn't really give it much thought until later. So we had a nice long talk about silly things and Niche and Dylan Thomas. I never mentioned the dream to him. We were walking away from the school when we hugged our goodbyes, but before we parted ways completely he reached out and gently pulled my hair, letting his fingers run through to the end. Odd.  
Her name was Lola, she was a school girl...

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