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Sunday, February 22, 2004
  Nothing exciteing so far. Still kind of involved with the manager man, but nothing too major. The other night my friends and I went out to The Olive Garden. It was kind of fun. We were all so tired from the night before (kind of had a slumber party, I know, it sounds immature, but it was fun, so to hell with you!) that everything was hysterical. I think we were maybe one inch away from getting thrown out. Whoops! Oh man, you should have seen it when Laurie spilled her tea on Jenny's lap. We almost started a food fithg over it all. Today I am doing practically nothing. Just some homework and listening to some music. Nothing special. Put the picture I have of my teacher guy on my wall. He's so cute. I miss him again. Last night I had a dream about him, but it wasn't sexual. It was...confusing. I mean, like most dreams, it made no sense. I don't know how to even explain any of it. Whatever. The important thing is that he was at least present. Maybe I'm dillusional for likeing him so much. But isn't that what love is? Being dillusional? I think so. Well, back to the task at hand; homework! Ech. 
Saturday, February 21, 2004
  Just letting you all know I'm okay! So there, Chrissie, now you know :) in anycase, I have work tonight but I've been up for about 42 hours studying and trying to fix up my room, so I don't know how sociable I'll be. My manager wasn't at work last time, but he will be there tonight. *sigh* I'm having second thoughts about what we're doing. Still no real sex, but still...whatever. Saw the teacher guy the other day. Oh God, seeing him, even acting goofy, just makes me realize even more how much I love him and it saddens me to imagine that I'll never have him. But as Wayne from "Wayne's World" once said, (Well, not what he said, but if he were female and interested in guys like I am) "He will be mine...Ih my yes, he WIll be Mine." So that is all I wrote. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets...Wish That were me, but I hardly get what I want. But we shall see. Goodbye all, I luv y'all!
Wednesday, February 11, 2004
  Just letting you all know everything is still peachy, so to speak. This Saturday is Valentines day. I have to close with my manager because our boss is going out of town for the weekend. I hope that manager boy doesn't try to make me go all the way. It's a causual thing and I'm not sure I want to sleep with him just because. I saw my teacher guy the other day. He looked so good I thought I was going to cry. I tole him how I had a dream about him the other night, (I've actually had several, but shhhh...don't tell anyone) and he told me that maybe it's because we see eachother all the time. I asked him if that meant he wanted me to stop coming by, but he said that he enjoys seeing me whenever I do drop by, especially in his dreams. I blushed. I know I did. Oh how I love that man! Well, whatever happens, I hope I never lose touch with him. That'll do it for now. I'm going to bed. 
Monday, February 02, 2004
  Hey. Once again, I haven't been a very good girl as far as keeping up with this blog is concerned. Sowwy. In any case, things between me and my manager are still going, but I think people are starting to suspect it. I still have not slept with him and I think I've mentioned how I don't want to. I'm in love with teacher guy. Hopelessly and desperately so. I can't stop thinking about him. I had a dream about him last night. I always dream of him. Last night he wisked me away from my house to this forest and we began to fuck like crazy. Most of the dreams I have of him are romantic or sweet or funny or weird. But in this one it was all about sex. But why in the forest? That was the weird part because there aren't many forest preserves around this particular area. My ex sent me a letter from prison. He wants to get back together with me. He swears he'll be different. I don't believe him. I'm not responding. I let my police friend know about it. Just in case. However, by the time his sentence is up, (he got time for herioine, cocain, assualt and battery and attempted nice. I'm glad I ended it when I did. I don't want to be dating someone like that, I can hardly believe it's all true, but then I always figured he was a little crazy) I will have moved out. Not sure where yet. Oh well. All for now. I am, however, going to visit my sweet teacher guy sometime this month, so maybe I'll post about it. Bye! 
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