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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
  whoops. Busy life. Sorry. I do have some things I'd like to mention. My ex has been getting really obnoxious so I mentioned it to my cop friend. He told me if he continues to try to harrass me, I can have a restraining order. I informed my ex on his answering machine 3 days ago after I found out I could do that, and he has left me alone. YAY! Anyway, my manager and I have gotten really close, though it's still just friendly flirting, and he knows I am not interested in making it any more than that. I HAVE been talking to that teacher I've had the hots for. We've been talking a lot. We're like really close friends. We flirt a lot. I think maybe I might have a chance with him. He was telling me about this dream he had. He said " I had a dream about you the other night." "Oh really?" said I, "what was it about?" At first he was a little flustered and didn't want to tell mebecause he thought I might be offended. Then he said as simply as you please, " we were having sex." About a second passed before I said "Oh." Then another second, and I sensed he was gonna try to rationalize it so before he could I asked "was I any good?" and he laughed. "well, Obviously, I mean, why would I dream it being any other way?" we continued to laugh and carried on our conversation in a light manner, though I couldn't help but wonder if maybe it was a wet dream. I Kind of hope it was. I didn't ask though. I don't know if it's just a playful thing or if perhaps maybe it could turn into more. I am still struggling with my shy side and I think if either of us is gonna make the first real move, it'll be me. I think he's too reserved, as goofy and actor oriented as he is. But then, so am I. Hmmm. Oh well. That's about it for tonight. I'm gonna go and get some sleep. I have a mid term tomorrow. Bye for now. I think I'm in love.  
Her name was Lola, she was a school girl...

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